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Those who protect their confidential information on their phone using App Lock know that they're using a great security tool that will keep them safe from nosey people. Nevertheless, if someone wanted to access all that protected information, they'd only need to uninstall the app.

To avoid this loophole, App Lock has made AppLock Advanced Protection, an extension that will stop anyone from deleting the app unless that person has the password, a password that you'll have set up yourself.

If someone tries to delete App Lock, a message will pop up notifying them that they need to get through AppLock Advanced Protection and enter the password before the app can be deleted from the phone.

The app can't be deactivated in any way unless you know the password that unlocks it, so it's very important to choose one that you'll remember and that only you will know. This way, you can keep your personal files extra safe and stop other people from nosing around.
By Merche Contreras

Requires you to have the App Lock application installed.

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